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Português - Conjugate Portuguese Verbs

I am a Software Engineer trying to learn Portuguese. I have always had difficulties in memorization. After a semester of High School Spanish, I decided that Calculus was easier. The logic of math appeals to me more that the rote memorization of foreign words. Maybe because of the logical nature of computers, I chose my profession. I have regrets in not challenging myself with learning a new language and am now combining my interest of computers with Portuguese conjugations. I am sharing my logical way of learning a new language with the world in hopes that you may benefit from my efforts.

My interest in Portuguese started during my sophomore year in college. BYU-Idaho was a convenient choice as it was the closest school to my rural town. Contrary to my choice of schools for convenience, there was a cute Portuguese that was full of adventure that chose the same school because it was in a foreign country. The two of us had a Photography class together. I immediately took note of her, but was disappointed to find that she was wearing a ring on her wedding finger. During the entire semester the only words spoken between us were, "Is this the good paper cutter?" Although she enjoyed her educational experiences, there was nothing to do in the small town of Rexburg. Some believe that the school founders chose the area on purpose, because there was nothing to do but study. She made the mistake of saying, "I will never marry anyone from Idaho."

There is an old saying, "Never say never." Fortunately, the following semester we had a computer class together. In 1988, I was one of the few students that had a mobile computer for class. She noted that I may be good for helping with the programming assignments. I was eager to oblige and found out that her ring did not have the same significance in Portugal. She was never married, and I decided that she would be an asset to our rural Idaho. The following year, we were married.

After many years of living with me in my country, I am now living with her in Portugal. I have postponed learning Portuguese for far too long. I am now determined to learn the native language of my wife, as she has already mastered English. For this purpose, I have created this web site.